June 2, 2009

A Simple Blend

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smoothiedfgdsgdsIn the past, I have been giving posts mostly that I have found, and require a lot of ingredients. Today I want to give you a smoothie that will take hardly any time to make and have very few ingredients, just enough to cool you down and enjoy. Because summer is nearly here, and cold drinks are what you are looking for, I want to give you a recipe that will taste good but very simple. This recipe will be the perfect solution when you are hot and tired and don’t have the time to take your time and make a really fancy smoothie. Having said that, I thought of some ingredients that I know you will most likely have in your fridge. Let’s start by double checking and making sure you do have the right ingredients. First things first, so I am going to start with two bananas. The banana is a very popular item in most smoothies because of is soft texture and sweet taste. You can almost never go wrong with that! Then, let’s had a spoon full of honey to make that sweetness to perfection. If you do not have honey, no worries, a spoon full of sugar will serve the same purpose. Now add some strawberries. If you are out, any berry will serve. Black berries can also work especially since by the end of the season they are everywhere! Now last step, pour some milk in and you have it! I will list the ingredients below so it is easier for you to see. If the smoothie comes out to thin, don’t be afraid to had some vanilla, berry or plain yogurt. That usually will do the trick!

List of ingredients:

2 bananas

½ cup of berries

A spoon of honey or sugar

1 cup of milk

yogurt (optional)

Place all of the ingredients into a blender, blend on high for about 2 minutes, or until smooth. Serve and enjoy!



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