May 28, 2009

Immune System Boosting Smoothie!

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smoothieSmoothies are not always thought of as a healthy way to stay healthy. Today I was reading an article from a website which I will post at the bottom of this. I hope that this smoothie is benificial to many of you! Be adventurous and try this n ew and different smoothie! the article shows you that when colds are going around, or you are in a cold environment, like the winter, smoothies actually are a great way to stay healthy. I am not saying that all smoothies are healthy, but this smoothie in particular gives your immune system that extra boost for the day, and can help your immune system. Even though it is not winter, and the end of spring, it is still that time of year where everyone is catching that cold. Mix these ingredients into your blender and I am sure you will have a healthy boost to your day. This smoothie may be a little bit out there for some people, but it is sure a good way to keep your body in a healthy condition. If your feeling a little under the weather, I highly suggest you try this. It cools you off, and brings you back up! Check out this website and be sure to have fun drinking down this healthy blend!

Here are the steps for making this Immune System Boosting Smoothie!

2 table spoons of linseeds or hulled hempseeds, or a mixture of both, soaked overnight.
Handful of goji berries, soaked for 5 minutes
1 banana
4 strawberries
some bee pollen
Teaspoon of agave nectar
3 large spinach leaves
Enough water to make it your desired consistency.

Blend up and enjoy!

The website is:


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