May 14, 2009

Some Smoothie Knowledge

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jamba juiceToday I will be talking about Jamba Juice. Yes, I know. Some of you are probably thinking “oh no”. I am not trying to promote them, but I think it is an important matter in the smoothie world and I will admit that I too, love Jamba Juice. They have some pretty delicious smoothies, and it was started by ordinary people like you and I.

Jamba Juice started in 1990, 19 years ago. It was started by a man named Kirk Perron. Kirk Perron attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, in California. It is now the fast food of smoothies. There are over 700 stores located in the United States and Bahamas. Jamba juice sells only Natural products making it stand out of its kind. Jamba Juice continues to open up stores all over the United States. Jamba Juice is something that I looked into because the history of it seemed important. Why did Jamba Juice become so successful? How is Jamba Juice better than any other smoothie stand? I asked my self those questions. My answers are only my opinion. I think Jamba Juice success was from the idea of the store. Before Jamba juice, there weren’t many chain smoothie stores. Jamba juice offers natural products with boosts of different shots. The way it is presented is very convenient. It became such a hit for its quick service and tasty smoothies. I occasionally will pick up a Jamba Juice if I am close to one and want a smoothie. I still believe in home made smoothies. Everything seems to taste slightly better when it was your labor that went into the making of that smoothie. Knowing all the ingredients and the process of how it was made is nice. I love making my own smoothies just for the thrill and of course, the “out of this world” taste. Jamba Juice has many different smoothies and is made fresh when you order them. That is another thing for why Jamba Juice has become so popular. The headquarters of Jamba Juice, is located in Emeryville, California.

After saying my opinion about Jamba Juice, I would like to hear yours? Is Jamba Juice an inspiration to you? Maybe after hearing about the history of Jamba Juice, you would like to start your own smoothie business. I personally just enjoy any kind of smoothie as long as it is healthy and tastes great. I still love smoothies in general, so I think there is still plenty of room for many new smoothies’ stores on this planet. If you are interested in the business, please, I encourage you to go for it. Smoothies are great for anyplace. I hope that you have become inspired to go make a smoothie, I sure am! I will continue to keep you updated on new smoothie recipes! Please check my blog when you are in need of a smoothie recipe, because I think I have some good ones, and some more coming! Go drink a smoothie and have a lovely day.


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