May 12, 2009

The fresh start

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It is a warm morning here in California. It’s cool but not freezing compared to what the weather has been all winter. It is one of those mornings that scream SMOOTHIE! That is why I am writing today. Because it is a Tuesday, and everyone is so rushed in the morning, I understand that breakfast is hard to make time for. Smoothies are a completely different story. Add a little ingredients into a blender, blend it up and bam, you got yourself a smoothie. The cool feeling running down your throat is so soothing and delicious. Today I think we are up for a tropical blend. I know that you most likely do not live in the tropics, but hey, there is something called frozen fruit! What better way to make your smoothie. It is already fresh, and that way you are able to purchase fruits that probably can’t grow in you back yard. If you live by a Trader Joes, I highly recommend their frozen fruits. They have frozen papaya, mango and berry mixes. These are perfect for a smoothie. Today’s smoothie will consist of these ingredients:
A Handful of frozen mango
A handful of strawberries
A table spoon of blueberries
And a table spoon of raspberries
Poor milk (any kind) so that it is level with the ingredients
Add a spoon of sugar
Blend it up and enjoy!
This smoothie is a mix of tropical fruits and berries. It should wake you up and get you ready for that big day ahead of you!


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